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Some FE OCs :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 9 7 title :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 9 4
Stories of the Past
A furious force of destruction that's as deadly as it is beautiful.
Hungry flames towered above Winnie as they consumed everything around her. This scene was so familiar to the little Wooper, but every time it replayed in her mind it became more and more painful. Winnie was unable to move, her legs numb as the smell of her burning blue hair reeked throughout the remains of her house. This putrid odor, though, was nothing compared to the stinging stench of blood from outside. The fire devoured every house in the her village, the light chasing away the night's darkness. The orange glow glittered on fresh maroon bloodstains, the screams of villagers being slaughtered echoed across the empty valley. Winnie struggled to move as her lungs filled with smoke and her throat getting dryer by the second. Her tear filled eyes looked out into the town square as mysteriously Pokémon killed anything that moved and stole anything the shone. Yet Winnie's eyes were glued to the silhouette of
:iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 4 6
(FE 7) Florina/Lowen C-S Supports
C Support
Florina: Hmmmm... What's that smell?
*Lowen appeared*
Florina: E-excuse me...?
Lowen: Huh?
Florina: Oh... I-I...
Lowen: ?
Florina: D-do you... um... do you have... f-food in your s-saddlebag?
Lowen: Oh! Yeah, I always pack extra rations. Why? Do you want some?
Florina: ...U-Uh...
Lowen: Is... that a yes?
Florina: Y-yes...
Lowen: Alright, here ya go!
Florina: A-ah... th-thank you!
*Florina leaves*
Lowen: She seems nice. Wonder what her name is...
B Support
Lowen: Excuse me?
Florina: Ah!
Lowen: S-sorry! I didn't mean to startle you.
Florina: I-It's ok...
Lowen: Your name's Florina, right?
Florina: Y-yes... H-How'd you know?
Lowen: Lady Lyndis told me.
Florina: O-oh...
Lowen: Um... She also said you were, er, "scared of men?"
Florina: U-um... that isn't... entirely false...
Lowen: Ah. Sorry, I was just surprised to hear her say that, seeing as you didn't seem so scared of me the other day.
Florina: W-well... your not as scary a-as other men...
Lowen: Huh?
Florina: I-I mean! Y-yo
:iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 3 3
A beautiful mistake :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 9 8
The New Kid in Town
It was a usual morning in Treasure Town. Pokémon bustling about, different Exploration Teams grouped together discussing their daily mission. The summer warmth, however, did contrast a bit with the dark clouds covering the sky. The gloomy gray sky didn't seem to bother anyone, especially not Cristy. The young Eevee smiled broadly, stretching her arms above her head. "Ah, a real nice day today!" The girl shouted to no one in particular.
"R-really? It seems kinda c-cloudy..." a quiet voice said. Cristy looked over her shoulder, the fluffy white fur around her shirt collar tickling her chin. Exiting Wigglytuff's Guild tent was her partner Vince. The Shinx glanced up at the sky. "Yeah, that's the best part!" Cristy exclaimed, pivoting on her heels to face the boy.
"It's nice and warm, but there's no sun to get in your eyes!" She said, her long brown ears twitching in the breeze.
Vince looked at the excited Eevee, "Well I l-like the sun..." he mumbled.
Cristy grinned, "I can see that."
:iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 5 14
fite me :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 8 15 look at these little fucks :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 10 14 i have a FE shipping problem :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 7 1 Mangs youre ruining the moment :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 5 6 cue the linkin park :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 11 10 Go tell Aunt Rhody :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 11 1 Vallite Royal Twins :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 11 0 so ive been playing Lunatic Revelations :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 7 13 Fe Grumps: Premarital sex :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 11 16 im goin' to hell- :iconmage-of-sin:Mage-of-Sin 6 14


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United States
Please do not feed the Cristina
I came prepared

For my rage

And my unquenchable thirst for Ostian hotties Replaying FE7 like by Mage-of-Sin


This child
She's so precious
Beautiful Squirtle daughter

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
Adrien: Hey Rose, spell "me"

Rose: M-D-E.

Adrien: ... You're the worst, you know that?
Some FE OCs
My babies

Rosemary the Troubadour who dislikes most things
And Adrien the Mercenary who's like the embodiment of perverts

I love them
Same- ;^;

Brb gonna go cry in the corner

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
If they remade FE7 with Avatar Marriages I'd marry Serra in a heartbeat

Best Cleric Best Wife
Valentine's Day

I drew Serra for Valentine's Day! I love her and she makes me laugh. I used her FE Heroes artwork for reference this time. 

Fire Emblem © Nintendo 
Artwork © manatiki (me) 

Ok one: This is fucking adorable

Two: I can't stop laughing at Linus in the background

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
Well I found a new phone background

Filename by Mage-of-Sin

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
Whoever made this beautiful Severa mug is my hero

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
When I play FE I like to give the characters certain accents based on where their from

So now Innes and Tana from FE8 will always have French accents in my mind
Petting faces before it was in Fates

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
Finally someone who feels my suffering!

Filename by Mage-of-Sin
I would pay good money for someone to sing a cover of Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better as Hector and Lyn
"I think I might vomit."

"Oh yes, I'm definitely going to vomit."
-Cristy 2017
Person: Why do you like the Thief Class so much?


Filename by Mage-of-Sin
i was bored

(im actually kinda top sketches tbh)

Im gonna be on this website for hours making OCs

Seriously this bat will be a thing I promise you

Filename by Mage-of-Sin


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